Travel diaries @ Maldives

From Male to Hurra island. The blueness of the water, the calm of the ocean, call of the seagulss- all enthrall the heart. You may be moving at a fast pace but the heart is at peace.
Mangroves-Hurra island. Here one can observe different schools of fish flitting around in the water, rushing from here to there and so disciplined that it’s a lesson for us humans to learn. A tree trunk with crabs all over, chameleons with really long tails, birds of different flock- the variety of wildlife ISA treat to the eyes.
Pneumatic roots in the mangroves are amazing to witness. The Science lesson on adaptation that we learnt when really small comes to life here in the mangroves. This is a walk one must take while in Maldives.
Some more beauty in its purest form. Oh these sights are so wonderful. If only there was some more time to soak it all-in, alas!
Serenity of the waves at sunset- Male. Sunsets are my favourite time of the day. Just sitting at the beach, feeling the soft grains of white sand and being a witness to this sight- what more can I want? Except maybe some more of this….oh yes, definitely some more of this.

Some lovely memories that I had to share with you all. Some memories to hold onto till the next adventure!!