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It’s a beautiful life-Make the most of it!

One day after a visit to the hospital, a thought crossed my mind. Now this was no ordinary visit, mind you- it was a visit to the ICU ward. An ICU is a scary place to spend time in- the beep beep on monitors attached to so many people (all in some state of trauma), the eerie silence even with so many people around- these things are enough to bog the heart down. And with such a heavy heart, I sat and reflected on one thought- What is the meaning of LIFE? It is a beautiful life and yet it is fleeting. We all know this … Continue reading It’s a beautiful life-Make the most of it!

How to become the best parents ever!

“Parents aren’t the people you come from. They’re the people you want to be, when you grow up” – Jodie Picoult. So being a good parent becomes a supreme responsibility of each mommy and daddy out there. Through this blog, you will learn interesting ways that you can adopt to be a good role model and build a rock solid relationship with the apple of your eyes. Attention is key– Take out time from your day, create little pockets when you can be with your child and your child only. Keep all distractions at bay and pay attention to them- … Continue reading How to become the best parents ever!