Life comes with a predefined date and we all are proceeding towards it moment by moment. We all know this and yet in our arrogance, we trudge on without a thought. Death is the only certainty and yet we keep on living our life as if it has no end. ‘This won’t happen to me”, we assume when we see someone suffer or maybe we don’t even think as much. Death is something that happens and even though we know it will happen to us too, we live life without living it truly.
How many times have we argued with the one we love the most or ignored someone who needs us? Why are we so callous in our approach? Why the need to always prove oneself right and just, when we know tomorrow or maybe even the very next moment is something we may not be a part of?
These are just thoughts that crossed my mind as I saw another loved one take leave. Much as I would like to, much as I wish I could, I won’t able to meet the departed again. I won’t be able to answer the question, “aur”, that he would ask when in want of a little more detail of my situation. And here as we all are occupied within dealing with our own sorrow, our own memories of this very special member of the family, the thought that is troubling me today is WHY. Why do we hurt the ones we love? Why not tell them all the time what they are to us? Why waste time in squabbling and not spend time in creating good memories?

Life comes with an end date and we are moving ahead. Before another dear one goes on his onward journey, I want to make a sincere attempt to be more mindful of words. I hope I can.

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