A new begining

A new beginning is like the dawn breaking, Over wisps of clouds, Over the haze of dawn, The Sun rising slowly but surely….. With a message for us all, The night might have been long and dark, The darkness putting some fear in the heart…. But the Sun rising slowly and surely, Brings joy and hope and vision, Impossible is nothing and possibilities endless. So trudge on, O’ traveler, Go towards your goal slowly but surely…… Continue reading A new begining


We began out together in this journey, With love in our hearts,  holding hands, promising to be always with the other. Time passed, we grew up… Each his own way Some pain,  some hurt came on the way. Yet we stayed together and time moved on. We are together, yes that we are, We have changed some,  evolved maybe We are different yet together We have each seen the other change Being a witness, Though tough at times, to witness the change, We have held on…… Today,  the relation may not be ideal, But beautiful in its own way. Strong … Continue reading Grow

kuch ek sawaal

कोई ऐसा जिसका  नाम  लेने  की आज इज़ाज़त नहीं मुझे, उसकी याद आँखों को नम करदे तो क्या करूँ महफ़िल में हो कर भी अकेले होने एहसास दिल को परेशां कर जाए तो क्या करूँ? आँखें ढूंढती  हैं जिसे हर पल, उससे मिलने की  ख़त्म हो जाए तो क्या करूँ? ये बेकरारी तो साथ ही जायेगी मेरे पर इतनी तड़प भी अछि लगे तो इसे क्या नाम दूं? Continue reading kuch ek sawaal