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It’s a beautiful life-Make the most of it!

One day after a visit to the hospital, a thought crossed my mind. Now this was no ordinary visit, mind you- it was a visit to the ICU ward. An ICU is a scary place to spend time in- the beep beep on monitors attached to so many people (all in some state of trauma), the eerie silence even with so many people around- these things are enough to bog the heart down. And with such a heavy heart, I sat and reflected on one thought- What is the meaning of LIFE? It is a beautiful life and yet it is fleeting. We all know this … Continue reading It’s a beautiful life-Make the most of it!

Words and words are all I have

Words….soft as a breeze to woo someone you love Words… kind and gentle when you care Words…. firm and strong when you believe Words…. harsh when you are upset. Many situations, many tones. But the listener one….. one with a heart and feelings too, Willing to believe, willing to care Willing to let go of the harshness, too but unable to forget the hurt that came along. Maybe it is true…. harsh words are a sword leaving a mark where they strike. Continue reading Words and words are all I have