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मन बह रहा था इक रोज ऐसे ही आकाश में, रुक गई अचानक, मैं यू ही राह में… दिखा तो नहीं कोई, बस कुछ जानी सी आवाज आई, मुदद के बाद एहसास तो हुआ, पर दिखा नहीं कोई… खो गया मन फिर किसी राह में, कुछ पल को, फिर लौट आई जिंदगी तेरे ही पनाह में, लौट आई जिंदगी तेरे ही पनाह में… Continue reading Just like that…. Musings

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Ten Reasons You Should Fall In Love With 10 Minute Yoga Routine.

So, you have been thinking of getting onto the fitness bandwagon but are just not able to take out time for it. Does that describe you?

Believe me, being a mother and in a full time job, I too find myself in this predicament on most weekdays. But being fit is a priority for me, just like it is for you.

So the next best thing to spending hours in the gym, is to follow this simple 10 minute yoga routine. 10 minutes daily is all it takes to move ahead on the road to good health and can be easily squeezed out from our hectic schedules.

So are you ready to know more? Continue reading “Ten Reasons You Should Fall In Love With 10 Minute Yoga Routine.”


In a world where every one is rushing around in a frenzy, from one task to the next we need time to just be one with oneself, a time to relax and introspect, a time to meditate. Meditation has immense benefits for the mind, body and soul. With regular practice of meditation, you can reap these benefits and feel refreshed and energized. Through this short blog, I will discuss simple ways of meditation that any one can do in the comfort of their home. Breathing exercises– To meditate using breathing as a medium to focus, first create a peaceful corner … Continue reading Meditation