How to become the best parents ever!

Parents…the word brings an image of a lady who can do anything and everything under the Sun and a man whose shoulders can bear every storm the world can bring about.

Well, that’s the image we have in mind and somewhere deep in our heart, that who we a to be as a parent…capable, dependable, enthusiastic always and ready for all challenges that come in the way.

Happy parenting=Happy family!

Now, now….being all of this is a far fetched dream, maybe achievable but most probably, will remain just a dream. We are humans after all so forgive yourself for not being perfect and READ on to get a few tricks to bring you closer to this image of a (superhuman) parent!

1. Listen- Listen what your child speaks and even more important, listen to what she doesn’t. Listen to her words, her tone, her body language, her way of maintaining or breaking eye contact- really listen. Pay attention to the words and the meaning. She maybe saying she is ok after an argument with a friend, but her stopping shoulders, averted glance could have another meaning altogether. So learn to listen not just with your ears but with your heart, too.

2. Believe- Your child is a big bundle of possibilities. The potential each child carries is immense and sometimes all that is needed to harness the power of these possibilities is belief. When a child knows his inherent talent and skills are not taken lightly he develops confidence in himself and his abilities. So believe in your child and believe in his potential…..each child is unique and each one is a champion. Only he needs to believe in this and this belief is the one thing you must impart. And then sit back and watch, the miracle of all possibilities breaking out like fireworks.

3. Love- Now this one goes without saying, isn’t it? The moment that sonogram in the doctor’s room confirms a baby is on the way, we fall in love and that’s how it is for everyone. Alas! If things were so simple! But the little angel grows up, has mood swings, throws tantrums, can be messy, rude, maybe even disrespectful… And the love may be there but we forget to say and how it often enough to our child. Now that she catch. No matter what life throws at us, love should stay and it does, too. When our baby knows that he is loved, it increases his self esteem and makes him believe in himself. Show your love, give a hug even when you are annoyed, show your affection keeping all emotions aside,because you are the adult in this relationship 🤗

Isn’t that easy? Just three things to keep in mind while you watch your little one grow into a wonderful adult, passing the tumultuous teen years too😃. But I know and I believe, we all have it in is to be the best parents ever.

Happy parenting! Feel free to share and comment. Thanks for reading.

Children learn more from what you are than what you teach- Dubois

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