Kerala travel diary-A visit to God’s own country!

A recent trip to the land of the Gods, Kerala acted as a nature appreciation trip! So serene and so beautiful – Kerala is a traveller’s delight. Sharing a few clicks from various locales in this blog.

The backwaters at Kumarakom are a must visit on your trip here. You have the option of living on a houseboat or taking a trip in a big slow boat. For the adventurous, there are high speed boats, too.

Munnar, a hill station and a major site of sprawling tea estates is a beauty by itself. No matter which direction you turn too, you will be greeted by tea estates spread before you like a green carpet dotted with teak trees. It is a sight to behold.

Travelling through Kerala should be preferably by road in order to soak in all the beauty that is here to witness. Lush green forests and estates will accompany you all the way to matter which part of the state you are traveling in.

Marari, the world famous turtle beach is a place to relax in after one has travelled the other key attractions in this South Indian state. The beach is clean and the golden sand coupled with the sparkling water is all you will need to end your trip. Hours can be spent looking at the waves breaking in the shore and lapping up all this and much more.

A visit to Kerala is a must do and you should add it to your bucket list, too. Please do share amongst your loved ones and leave a comment if this blog touched your heart. Happy travelling!

6 thoughts on “Kerala travel diary-A visit to God’s own country!

  1. Beautiful post 😀😀 I am a Malayali and I love seeing Kerala through the eyes of others. I am so glad you enjoyed the backwaters and the tea estates. They are some of my favorite things too.


      1. Nice to hear that 😀😀 On your next visit, include Varkala beach, if possible. It is a great beach with a lot of shacks on a cliff. It is about an hour away from Trivandrum, the capital city.


  2. Kerala travel diary inspires to visit this beautiful state with back water,beaches,tea plantations and natural forests.Photographs are just a glimpse to tell the story.


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