Fear of exams- make them a thing of the past

Exams are a part of every student’s life- recurring periodically.

And even though exams are a part and parcel of student life, each exam brings with it it’s own fear. The nervousness before exams is something that hampers a students performance.

Read on to overcome the nervousness before an exam. With this handy guide you will be able to overcome your fear of exams and this will help you to perform as per your true potential.

1. Plan for the exams: When the academic session in school begins, it prepares us way in advance for the exams. Okay, keeping the teaching-learning part aside, students and parents are aware of the timing of each exam cycle. Thus, you the student has enough time to formulate a workable schedule of study, learning and revision. So at least a month or so in advance, take out time to plan for the exams.alanlakein1

2. Study, learn and revise: Now that you have a plan ready, follow it. There is no shortcut to success so get started. Study hard, revise topics and continuously carry out self-checks. See what you know best and what are the areas where you need a revisit of concepts. And go for it!

3. Relaxation is important: While you are busy preparing for the upcoming exams, also remember that a relaxed mind learns best. So chalk out time in your busy schedule to relax yourself. Whatever eases the stress in your mind, be it watching television or a physical activity like soccer or cycling or even listening to music, indulge in it. Make time for such activities and be stress free!19_6

5. On the day of the exam: You have been working hard for the past few weeks and you are well prepared for the exam. Today is the-day and there are some things you need to remember. Wake up before your regular waking hour and devote some time to revise all lessons. Leave enough time to get ready and have a nutritious breakfast. A breakfast is an important meal daily and more so on the exam day as an empty tummy will not be your best buddy as you write answers! As you leave home, take out a moment to meditate- just close your eyes and relax. You have worked hard and you will be rewarded accordingly.

To end I will only say that exams are a part of a student’s life and the best way to overcome exam fear is to prepare for them. So go ahead and get ready! All the best for your exams!


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