5 Amazing Health Benefits of Jaggery

It is yummy and healthy too!


Who in an Indian winter is not aware of the tasty treat after every meal- gur or jaggery? The taste and texture of jaggery as it melts in your mouth is just so awesome. All of us who have grown up with the taste of a lump of jaggery must have also wondered about its health benefits too.

Jaggery is not just a sweet treat but it also holds a lot of health benefits. Through this article, you will find out about the amazing benefits of jaggery.Read this article to find out more about your favourite sweet treat.

  1. Aids in digestion: Jaggery helps boost metabolism by boosting intestinal health. It contains a high amount of magnesium, which is essential for almost 300 biochemical reactions in the body. This element maintains nerve and muscle function, improves immunity, keeps the heart healthy and maintains strong bones. 10 grams of jaggery contains as much as 16 mg of magnesium. Thus consuming jaggery regularly provides the health benefits of magnesium.
  2. Clears airways: Did you know that workers in coal mines as well as mines of mica (and other minerals) are often given a generous dollop of jaggery each evening as a send-off?Jaggery is proven to  detox and relax the respiratory tract clearing the pathway of most toxins and pollutants that cause breathing problems.
  3. Treats cold and cough: Jaggery has a inherent warmth in it and as a result provides symptomatic relief from symptoms of cold and cough. All you need to do is mix it with  warm water and drink it for immediate relief. Alternately you can substitute sugar in your tea with jaggery.

4. Aleviates anaemia: Jaggery is loaded with different minerals, the most populous being iron. Every 10gm of jaggery contains 0.3 mg of iron, that is a whopping 3% of the daily requirement of this mineral. So having jaggery daily will increase the haemoglobin count and make you more active.

5. Relieves PMS symptoms: A dose of jaggery warmed with a dash of carrom seeds (ajwain) is a superb home remedy for quick relief from PMS symptoms. The pain and discomfort associated with the monthly cycle is relieved to a great extent with this remedy.

A quick comparison

Eating jaggery has immense health benefits. However, how much to eat on a daily basis should be decided keeping one’s age, health and energy requirements in mind. Have jaggery in moderation and regularly and enjoy all the health benefits. Stay healthy, stay blessed!

I would love to hear from you. Feel free to share your own jaggery-based home remedies and comments below.

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