Where the lord rests in peace

A recent visit to Sanchi Stupa was an excellent opportunity to witness the beauty of ancient Indian craftsmanship. The place where Gautam Buddha rests has an amazing aura- any visitor to this monument feels at peace. Is it the awareness that Buddha lies here or is the breeze here conspiring to calm you down- that is a question that remains unanswered. But the answer that came without a doubt was that this was a memorable visit which will stay in the heart for long. So read on and discover Sanchi Stupa. The inverted bowl shape of the main stupa(Stupa 1) is said to resemble the inverted alm bowl of Gautama Buddha. Above the dome is a three tiered umbrella surrounded by a square boundary. It is said that in a sphere below the umbrella, lie the mortal remains of the Buddha. The stupa can be accessed from four gates- north, south, east and west. Each gate has three toran and the pillars of each gate have intricate carvings telling a different tale. Each panel in the pillar has a story to tell. Here a procession of singing and dancing people is seen. You must also make a note of the ladies admiring the procession from a balcony above. Once you have seen awe-inspiring and beautiful panels on each pillar, you will notice the meditation temple which resembles the temple at Athens, albeit with cuboidal pillars. The arrangement of these 12 pillars is such that once you are amongst these, there is an instant sense of calm or was that just the senses of a tired traveller relaxing? Even though nowhere Buddha is shown as a human figure, he has been depicted through a bodhi tree in places. The carvings are such that you can continually admire them and enjoy the serenity of the environment. For tourists there is a well serviced washroom and a quaint souvenir shop, too that offers a steaming cup of masala chai at just 10/- rupees. A visit to Bhopal would be incomplete without a leisurely visit to Sanchi Stupa. If you have found this article informative, leave your comments and so share among family and friends.

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