Benefits of jumping rope daily.

We all have jumped rope as a kid and remember the exhilaration it used to bring. Jumping rope is not just fun but also a great form of exercise. As you read on, you will be inspired to find your skipping rope from the attic and start skipping. So read on, get inspired to get fit!

1. Improved Cardiovascular health: Out of the many awesome reasons why skipping is such a favourite exercise among wrestlers among other sportspersons, probably the most important one is that it improves cardiovascular health. Jumping rope makes your heart work a little bit harder and this gradually improves the overall health of your cardiovascular system. This system comprises of the heart and blood vessels: arteries, capillaries and veins.

2. Stamina: Remember the good old days when as a child you could boast of running around the entire block without panting. The days when you could go up three to four flights of stairs without a break need not be a thing of the past. By regularly jumping rope and by making this tremendous exercise a part of your exercise routine,  you can build up stamina. However,  the key to this is to start small. Take small steps and continue building your stamina.

3. Weight loss: Needless to say,  with regular exercise you will lose weight.  And this applies to any exercise be it walking, running,  swimming,  just about any exercise. The best thing about jumping rope is that- by jumping rope for a small period of 10 minutes you burn as many calories as you do by running for a longer period of time. According to Shakti Kumar Yadav, Head Trainer at Gold’s Gym, Delhi, “10 minutes of skipping burns more calories than 45 minutes of running.”

4. Glowing skin: Who doesn’t want skin that glows with the signs of good health. When you skip rope and sweat and burn calories, one more benefit that you reap unintentionally is beautiful, glowing skin. So start jumping rope and be the envy of your friends and colleagues.

5. Easy to do anywhere: Whether you are a homemaker or a busy traveller,  jumping rope is an exercise you can do anywhere. The equipment is a simple rope,  that can be packed in the small of suitcases or backpack.

Now you have read about some of the important benefits of jumping rope,  I hope you are motivated to find the rope that’s perfect for you and will start reaping the benefit dog this miracle exercise.

I would love to hear from you so do share your success stories. Have fun as you jump!!

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